When Hydraulic Flange Spreaders Are Necessary For Gasket Failure

Industrial pipes are surprisingly complex items, particularly in the ways they are held together. Flanges and gaskets are the most important items on pipes. When the latter fails, it can be a major problem that can impact the flanges. However, a good hydraulic flange spreader can help manage this issue.

Gasket Failure Is A Common Concern

Gaskets in pipes help keep them together through the wear and tear of the years. Over time, it is possible that these gaskets can get damaged. In fact, it is one of the most commonly occurring problem in pipe flanges. Flanges are the items that are designed to hold pipes together and are an essential item for any industrial pipe.

Typically, a gasket is relatively easy to replace. Unfortunately, many industrial pipes suffer from a complex flange arrangement that can make it hard to get at the gasket. Fixing this problem can be difficult, but is not impossible.

When Flanges Get In The Way

When gasket damage occurs on an industrial pipe, it can cause serious problems with the sealant. The sealant around the gasket helps keep it connected to the mating surface of the flange. This connection is vital because it prevents the pipes from coming apart and letting out fluids. In the average industrial facility, this is essential because they often contain hot or dangerous liquids.

Fixing gaskets that are broken can be difficult because it requires opening up the flanges in the pipes. These flanges, while essential for your pipe, can get in the way when you are trying to access your gaskets. As a result, a hydraulic flange spreader may be needed here.

How A Flange Spreader Helps

A hydraulic flange spreader is designed to open up or separate the flanges in industrial pipes. It uses a burst of air in the pipes to create a powerful controlling force that helps force them in the best position. When gasket failure occurs, it is important to open up your flanges using this device because it helps make it possible to get access to these areas.

Once the flanges have been separated, a professional can inspect the broken gaskets and work to fix them. This benefit is especially true for those with industrial pipes in difficult areas. When pipes are tucked behind large machines or in out-of-the-way areas, flange spreaders can create an easy route for accessing your gaskets.

Should an industrial facility invest in purchasing a hydraulic flange spreader or just rent one? That all depends on how often they can anticipate using it. Areas with a lot of high-powered pipes should consider them because there is a higher chance the gaskets on their pipes may blow. Contact a company, like SMP Specialty Maintenance Products, for more help.