Extra Scaffolding Equipment You Need To Properly Scale Upward

Scaffolding is the best equipment when you are working on a building that is three stories or less. Even though scaffolding can reach even higher than that, it is at its most stable between three and five stories. Still, you will need extra scaffolding equipment when you are painting and restoring your home's exterior.


Harnesses clip onto the scaffolding to prevent falls and injuries. If your scaffolding is properly secured at the ground level, then it will remain steady in the event that you fall off of the scaffolding or fall off your roof. Wearing the harness and using secure scaffolding will prevent you from falling all the way to the ground and becoming seriously injured.

Lift Buckets

Lift buckets are supply buckets that can easily be hoisted up the side of the scaffolding without tipping over or losing items on the way up. Some scaffolding comes with a bucket accessory that hangs from the side by two ropes, which can then be used manually to pull the bucket up. Whatever you use to get your supplies to the work level where you are, this is preferential to climbing up and down the scaffolding constantly.


Extra durable, heavy duty rope is essential for all scaffolding work. You need it for your harness, hoisting the supply bucket, and tying down supplies to the scaffolding platform or the roof. Buy rope that can hold two hundred pounds of weight so that your own weight as well as the weight of supplies is supported.


Clips clip onto the open rings attached to the vertical pipes of scaffolding. They are usually double-ended, or look like rock climber's clips. Attaching these to the scaffolding's open rings allows you to tie onto them, use the clips for hanging work buckets with tools, or use the clips to hold buckets of paint. Next to a rope and harness, you may find these items are very useful indeed.

Cross Bars

Scaffolding cross bars are used to increase the strength and stability of your scaffolding. If your weight or the weight of one of your employees exceeds the weight restrictions of the scaffolding, the crossbars remove this weight restriction so that heavier employees or larger amounts of supplies can scale the scaffolding. The cross bars are installed in the end zones/side openings of the erect scaffolding to create the stronger base and increase rigidity so that the scaffolding does not sway or tip.

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