Three Odd Benefits Of Aluminum Scaffolding You Probably Never Thought About

Everyone knows that aluminum scaffolding has some benefits over steel scaffolding. These benefits include its strong but lightweight frame, and its quick assembly. However, there are other benefits you may never have thought about before, simply because they are rather odd to think about and you would have to think outside the box. Here they are:

Less Painful Injuries

If you got beamed on the brain, knocked on the skull or dropped by falling steel scaffolding pieces, you could get a mild concussion. If no concussion, it would still seriously hurt for hours after the fact. That is because steel is much heavier than aluminum, and is made much thicker to support scaffolding.

On the other hand, if you fall victim to falling aluminum scaffolding, it will hurt for a bit, but the pain will subside. It generally feels more like someone chucking a full can of soda pop at you, rather than railroad iron. Your injuries are less painful with the aluminum scaffolding parts as well as less dangerous.

Aluminum Scaffolding Is Cheaper and Recyclable

Okay, so steel scaffolding is recyclable, too, but can you recycle steel scaffolding at an aluminum recycling station? Probably not. The aluminum scaffolding is cheaper than the steel scaffolding, and you can recycle damaged pieces at an aluminum can recycling station (usually).

You Can Bend the Aluminum Scaffolding

Unless you are Superman, you cannot bend steel. However, you can bend aluminum. Aluminum scaffolding will give way to pressure if you are A) strong enough to squeeze and bend it, or B) you stick it in a vice grip and apply pressure to the opposite end. How does this benefit you? Well, if you need to change the shape or structure of a piece of scaffolding, you now know how.

Ready to Make the Trade?

Now that you have some new ideas on aluminum scaffolding, are you ready to switch? Think about all of the less painful work injuries you might endure, or the time more efficiently spent on making scaffolding pieces bend to your will. Better still, instead of tossing it when you are done with it, make some money off of it when you recycle it locally. It all sounds like funny reasons to trade steel scaffolding for aluminum, but in the end, they are the benefits in disguise. Buy aluminum scaffolding wherever you have recently bought your steel scaffolding and begin reaping these unusual benefits.