Three Equipment Rental Options That Can Keep Your Restaurant Open When Stuff Breaks Down

If you're like most mom-and-pop restaurant owners, you already know that your business can experience serious financial damage as the result of equipment failure. For instance, if your boiler malfunctions and can't be quickly repaired, you may have to close your doors until you can have it replaced -- and this could put your business in the red for months. Fortunately, services are available that allow restaurants and other businesses to continue their operations even in the face of major equipment breakdowns. 

Following are three examples of major equipment that businesses can rent when they're in a pinch that allow them to keep their doors open and the income flowing:

Commercial Ranges and Ovens

A restaurant is nothing without a working range and oven, and these items are easily available for rent from most restaurant equipment supply providers. You could try to keep your restaurant going by only serving cold sandwiches while waiting for your commercial range and oven to be repaired, but chances are good that you'd lose a lot of business as a result. After all, your customers are used to certain menu items and may be disappointed if they aren't available -- even if it's only for a few days.

Freezers and Coolers 

Not only do you run the risk of losing significant amounts of money if you have to close due to faulty refrigeration or freezing units, but you may also end up with a substantial amount of spoiled food. In most jurisdictions, you legally cannot operate a food service business if you don't have working refrigeration. You can circumvent this type of disaster by renting the units you need to keep your food cold while waiting for repairs. 


A malfunctioning boiler could mean the difference between a full restaurant and one that's turned into an echo chamber due to lack of business, particularly if the problem occurs in the winter or when it's otherwise cold outside. People don't like to eat when they aren't warm and comfortable, so you may face a situation where your customers begin to stray to greener pastures. An unfortunate truth in the food service industry is that once customers stray, the chances are good that they won't be coming back. Keep them loyal by renting a boiler to keep them toasty while enjoying your great food. 

A company that has rental boilers can provide you with more information on the benefits of renting a boiler when you get into a pinch.