Keep Your Construction Workers Safe With A Rented Dumpster

Construction work is an inherently risky business that can be problematic for a large number of people. However, an unusually messy site can be an even bigger danger. Your workers may be causing their own clutter by leaving behind waste from lunch or from the job. Avoiding serious problems requires cleaning it up regularly and throwing it in a rented dumpster.

Messy Work Sites Are Dangerous

A messy work site is a serious concern in just about any workplace. While it can cause clutter and confusion in an office environment, it can be dangerous at a construction job. Imagine what would happen if one of your workers tripped over some trash and fell on a piece of construction equipment. They could end up getting impaled or otherwise seriously injured.

In this type of injury, you would likely be liable for the injury caused to your worker. As a result, you would have to pay worker's compensation while they recovered. Even if this coverage comes out of your compensation insurance, it can still be costly for your bottom line.

Lost Work Hours Cost You And Your Workers Money

When you lose a worker on a tight construction job, you are going to lose money. That's because the job will be slowed down due to lost labor. You may also have to pay for another person to take that workers place. Even worse, these kinds of injuries are most concentrated in the construction injury, as manual labor like this causes nearly 90,000 injuries every year.

You don't need to help contribute to this statistic by having a cluttered or messy work site. Instead, you can rent a dumpster and train your workers to clean up after themselves and others and work hard to keep the work area clean from excessive filth.

How Dumpsters Make The Site Safer

A rented dumpster is a visible reminder to your construction workers that they need to clean up after themselves. Placing it in a central area will make it easier for them to keep the place clean and avoid serious injuries. Just as importantly, it can serve as a place to get rid of debris and other waste material from your job site. For example, extra pieces of metal may cause an injury if they are in the way on the ground, instead of in a dumpster.

So don't hesitate to talk to a dumpster rental company to learn more about the benefits of their product. They can help you find a trash container that works for your work site needs and will deliver it to you. Even better, they can empty it when you need it and let you keep your site as clean as possible. Visit a site like for more help.