Keeping The Air Flowing — Finding Replacement Parts For Your Air Compressor

Air compressors are used is a lot of different ways and in a lot of different industries, some in critical roles that can bring a business to a stop if the compressor is not running. Keeping the compressor running and having the parts on hand to service or repair it quickly can help minimize the impact on a business in case of a breakdown. Finding the right parts for an older compressor can be hard but in most cases, if you dig deep enough, you will find some hard parts for just about any compressor.

Finding Hard Parts for Your Compressor

Hard parts consist of all the little parts that are used in your compressor. Typically, seals, valves, engine parts, motors, and belts are a few of the things in this group. The parts are often available through sources like the dealer that sells the compressor or through a parts business that specializes in these kinds of parts. They may have parts for many different compressors and have them listed online in a catalog or on a website where you can browse through to find what you need.

Maintaining The Compressor

Keeping the compressor running right is important and it needs to be maintained properly for that to happen. If the compressor is powering a larger air system, it may be running a lot and those hours are going to cause wear and tear on it. Check the oil regularly and keep it filled up. The oil is the best source of lubrication for the compressor pistons and if it runs low, the compressor could seize up and stop running.

Drain the air tank and lines daily as well. There is a valve on the tank that you can open to drain the water out. Only keep it open until the air coming out of it is dry. Check the oil in the line oilers and make sure there is plenty in them and drain the water out of the separator on the airline coming out of the compressor, again get until the air coming out of the drain valve is dry.

Making Repairs

If the compressor does stop working, you need to be able to get it up and running quickly. If you have some of the more common parts on hand, it can save a lot of time. If the compressor is feeding the whole shop or production facility, being down can be costly so if you have to order parts, you need to get them from a vendor that can send them out quickly. A vendor with an online parts catalog is going to make it easy to find the part you need, and if you need it overnight, most of these suppliers will ship it that way for you so you can get your compressor back and running quickly.