Time To Shut Down Your Heater For The Summer? Why You Should Fill Up With Heating Oil Before You Do

If you use oil to heat your home during the winter, you're probably looking forward to putting your oil tank to bed for the summer. If a top-off of fuel isn't part of your typical shut-down routine, it should be. You might not realize this, but there are a lot of benefits to be had by filling your tank with oil before you shut your system down for the summer. Here are just four of the reasons why you should fill your tank with heating oil before you shut it down this year.

Pay Less for Your Heating Oil

If you wait until winter to fill your tank, you may be paying too much for your oil. Prices for heating oil tend to go up when the demand is high, which is usually during those winter months. Filling your tank with oil right before you shut it down for the season will allow you to take advantage of those lower fuel prices. That means you'll be spending less to keep you and your family warm next winter.

Be Ready for Unseasonably Cold Weather

It never fails. You put your heater to bed as soon as warm weather arrives, and then a final cold snap decides to come through. Or, you end up with a few bitterly cold days before winter officially arrives. If your tank isn't filled with oil, you're going to be scrambling to keep warm. However, if you've filled your tank with oil before you shut it down, you'll be ready to crank it back up for a few days without hesitation.

Protect Your Oil Tank and Equipment

You might not know this, but if your tank is sitting empty during the spring and summer, it could be suffering some significant damage. Unfortunately, you might not be able to see the damage until it's too late. Filling your tank with oil before you shut the system down in the spring will help protect your oil tank and the equipment.

Avoid the Cold Weather Rush

As soon as that first cold day of fall hits, people are going to start calling to get their oil tanks filled. If you've waited until then, you're going to be dealing with the cold-weather rush. However, if you're one of the few who topped your oil tank off before shutting the system down, you'll avoid that cold-weather rush. You and your family will be inside your home, warm and cozy, while everyone else is waiting for their heating oil deliveries.

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