Finding The Right Oilfield Housing Unit For Your Needs

The oil boom has had some ups and downs the last ten years, but it's mostly been up. As a result, oil companies have flourished all over the country. This has caused tens of thousands of workers to flock to areas where there may not be a lot of housing. This shortage of housing has led many oil companies to either provide short-term housing options or to have workers consider cheaper housing options rather than renting or buying a big home. If you are moving to an area where the housing is sparse, the following housing options may be your best bet as you get started in an area with an oil boom.

Small Homes with Wheels

Some oil companies are buying small homes for their sites. Among the most popular housing options is the small mobile home, which is a small home on wheels. It can be towed and parked wherever it's needed. This small unit is typically only about 500 square feet. Although they are RV homes, they are very similar to tiny homes and have to be built to similar standards, which are usually much more lenient than regular building standards. This is a great option if you want the appearance of a small home and if you think you will be moved around to different areas and may need to move your home.

Large Campsite Trailer Homes

In an effort to accommodate oil field sites with a large number of employees, some companies have provided trailer homes. These trailer homes traditionally house two or three people at a time, but they have a larger living area. These single-wide or double-wide trailer homes often have full kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. If you don't mind bunking up with some roommates, this can be a great option. It's important to realize that it depends on the company whether or not these homes are available for free on a temporary basis or may cost some rent. Some oil companies will offer housing in remote areas for the duration of the job as a benefit of working with the company.

Open Campsite Buildings

Another common option is for oil companies to provide several buildings with an open space and dozens of beds. This option would offer the least amount of privacy, but it is fairly common when housing is particularly sparse and a lot of workers need a place to stay. It is also most commonly used when the site is really far away from town, so it may be your only option unless you want to commute a long distance every day to work.

While the oil industry pays really well, the areas in which oil is typically found can be remote. While RV's and mobile homes can be an affordable way to get your own space, it will depend on the overall circumstances and the company on whether or not you can bring your own portable home or RV to the site. It's a good idea to get informed on all oilfield housing specifics before taking a job so you know you'll be comfortable with the living situation.