Need Farm Equipment? 4 Things To Look For When Purchasing A Used Tractor

If you're in the market for a used tractor, make sure you give it a thorough inspection. You're going to invest a lot of money into your purchase, you want to ensure that your tractor will give you your money's worth. Here are instructions that will help you choose the best used tractor. 

Start With the General Appearance

When you're shopping for a used tractor, the first thing you want to do is check out the appearance. You might think that you should start with the engine, but that's not the case. You can tell a lot about a tractor by looking at the general appearance. After all, if the previous owner spent time to keep the body well-maintained, they probably did the same with the engine and all the other components. Pay close attention to the body and the tires. You want the body to be free of major dings and dents. You also want to check for sun rot, especially on the tires and upholstery. Sun rot is a good sign that the tractor wasn't stored in a protected environment. 

Inspect the Maintenance Records

While you're shopping for a used tractor, don't forget to inspect the maintenance records. Farming equipment that has been well-maintained should have a detailed maintenance record for you to look at. This maintenance record should identify all work that's been done on the tractor, including routine maintenance and extensive repairs. If the owner doesn't have a maintenance record for the tractor they're selling, you need to consider shopping elsewhere. 

Give the Tractor a Test Run

Once you've inspected the general appearance of the tractor and gone over the maintenance records, you'll need to give the tractor a test run. During the test run, you'll want to put the tractor through all the motions. Pay close attention to the way the tractor switches gears. Any difficulties switching gears may be an indication that there are some transmission issues to deal with. It's also important that you inspect for signs of hydraulic leaks, which can be costly to repair. 

Listen to the Engine

Finally, before you purchase a used tractor, it's important that you listen to the engine. There may be telltale signs that are pointing to serious problems. Listen closely for sounds such as scratching, grinding, rattling, or knocking. If you hear any of those sounds, you should have a mechanic give the tractor a closer inspection before you make the purchase.