Why Use Stackable Bins To Collect Site Scrap?

If you're working on a site where you'll collect a lot of scrap, then you should work out the best way to recycle this waste. Scrap metals and other waste materials are valuable, and a dealer will likely be happy to buy them.

On some sites, it makes sense to bring in a larger roll-off or lugger storage container. These containers sit on your site, and you fill them scrap as you work. The company then collects them when you're ready and pays you.

However, these containers won't work on every site. Sometimes, a more compact solution, such as stackable bins, works better. How do these bins work and why should you use them?

What Are Stackable Scrap Bins?

Stackable scrap bins look like oversized boxes. They can be made from metal or plastic and can come with or without lids.

These bins are different from other storage containers because you can stack them. So, for example, once you fill a few bins, you can stack them on top of each other in a vertical row.

Some stackable bins are also collapsible. Your dealer will drop them off in flat-pack piles. When you need to use a bin, you simply take one out of the pile, put it up and fill it with your scrap. If you need to, you can then stack the bin until you're ready to have your scrap collected.

Why Use Stackable Scrap Bins?

While a roll-off or lugger bin is a good way of collecting waste, this might not be the best solution for your site. These containers sometimes take up too much space; having only one bin won't work if you want to sort your scrap before you sell it.

Plus, if you have one large container in one place, your crew will have to walk scrap over to the bin; if you have smaller bins dotted around your site, you'll lose useful workspace. Stackable bins help you manage space better.

You can put these smaller bins in key locations as you work. When you've filled a bin, you can simply add it to a stack. This stows the bins away somewhere where they won't be in the way. They take up less floorspace because you stack them vertically.

You may also find it easier to sort and store different types of scrap in smaller, stackable bins. Plus, if you order collapsible containers, you can have more bins on-site and won't have to worry about running out of storage space.

To find out more about stackable bins and how they can help you collect scrap more efficiently, contact local industrial scrap metal recycling companies.