What Is The Difference Between Industrial Overhead Doors And Residential Or Commercial Overhead Doors?

If you are shopping for overhead doors for your industrial building, you might have noticed that industrial overhead doors are often advertised separately from residential or commercial overhead doors. You might assume that different types of overhead doors are pretty similar, but there are actually a lot of differences. These are some of the main differences that you might notice when shopping for industrial overhead doors instead of residential or commercial overhead doors.

They're More Durable

Of course, when you're purchasing an overhead door to install at your home or commercial property, it's probably important to you to purchase an overhead door that is going to hold up well. However, it's also important to think about the fact that the average industrial overhead door is going to be put through much more heavy-duty use than an overhead door that is installed on a commercial or residential property. It might get constant use throughout the day, and there is always the risk of forklift accidents and other issues that could potentially cause damage to the door. Because of these things, industrial overhead doors are typically designed to be more durable and long-lasting. Of course, this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and from door to door, so one of the main things that you should look for when shopping for an industrial overhead door is a door that is built from high-quality materials and that is designed to hold up well against heavy-duty industrial use.

They're Bigger

In many cases, overhead doors that are designed for industrial use are bigger than the doors that are installed on homes and smaller commercial buildings. After all, they often have to be wide enough to accommodate semi-trucks and trailers, and they have to be tall enough to work with large industrial structures. Naturally, as is the case with other types of overhead doors, you can typically place a custom order to ensure that the door that you purchase is the appropriate size for your needs. Just make sure that you take careful, precise measurements when placing your order for a custom industrial overhead door to make sure that you end up with the door that is right for your building.

They Meet More Specific Standards

In many places and situations, industrial businesses are held to much higher standards and are required to have regular inspections. If this is the case for your industrial business, then you understand why it's important to purchase an industrial-grade overhead door that has been designed to meet more intense standards.