What to Know About Buying Janitorial Products in Bulk

If you are a business owner, you might be interested in purchasing janitorial products in bulk. You might want to purchase them so that you and your employees can perform important cleaning tasks around your own place of business, or you might even run a janitorial service that provides cleaning services for other businesses. Either way, you may want to know the following things when it comes to buying janitorial products.

Some Suppliers Require It

First of all, if you are going to be buying your supplies from a wholesaler that focuses on selling supplies to business owners instead of individuals—which is probably going to be your best bet at finding and buying the best possible products and getting the best possible prices—then you might be required to place an order of a certain size. After all, many companies do this to prevent regular residential customers from ordering from them, since they want to save their products for commercial customers. You might be required to purchase a certain number of items, or you may be required to spend a certain dollar amount.

You'll Often Get More Affordable Pricing 

By buying your janitorial products in bulk, one of the first and most obvious benefits that you will be able to notice is the fact that you can purchase your products for a much cheaper price. Although many cleaning supplies can be purchased fairly affordably anyway, you can get rock-bottom prices on all of the important commercial cleaning supplies that you need for your business by simply buying them in bulk.

You May Need to Purchase Additional Bottles for Actual Use

Although there are some great benefits to purchasing your janitorial products in bulk, there are some downsides, too. For example, cleaning chemicals that are shipped in big jugs might be impractical to carry around. Therefore, you may need to purchase smaller, empty bottles so that you can redistribute these products to make them easier to use.

Shipping Charges Can Be Impacted

Although purchasing your janitorial products in bulk can be a good financial decision overall, you might still face some additional costs for buying your janitorial products in this way. For example, because you might be purchasing bigger and heavier boxes and bottles of janitorial supplies, there is a chance that your shipping costs will be higher. If possible, consider looking for a supplier that offers free shipping, or make sure that you factor shipping costs into your final costs when placing your order.