Steps to Take When Caring for Servo Motor Piston Rings

When a machine needs parts rotated in a precise manner, technicians tend to use servo motors. For them to work correctly though, they require piston rings in optimal condition. You can keep them this way by performing a couple of steps. 

1. Perform Maintenance Before Warning Signs Linger

Throughout a piston ring's life on a servo motor, there are going to be signs of trouble. If you let these warning signs linger, that's probably going to cause severe damage to the piston rings and other possible components that they're near. 

Be quick about responding to piston ring warning signs through maintenance. That might be cleaning the piston rings after things have collected on them or just inspecting them in greater detail to find out more about what could be wrong with them. This quick maintenance will help you potentially avoid having to swap out the rings entirely.

2. Purchase a Specialized Groove Cleaner

One thing that will probably happen to servo motor piston rings is carbon deposits developing in the grooves. That's really going to affect performance so you need to be quick about cleaning this component of a piston ring. You won't struggle if you buy a specialized groove cleaning tool.

This instrument is simple to use and is actually pretty cheap. It also will help you effectively remove carbon deposits from each groove without causing damage to them. You can clean competently and then insert the piston rings back on the servo motor, knowing they'll perform great.

3. Stay on the Lookout for Wear

Wear is something that can happen to piston rings on servo motors, whether it's because the rings aren't set up in an optimal location or the motor is causing the problem. You need to constantly check for wear and if you identify it, see how bad the damage is.

If the piston rings still look to be in great shape, you can set them back up. Whereas if the damage will have a big impact on piston ring performance, getting another set should be considered. Regardless of what is done, find out why the rings became worn down in the first place so you can prevent future issues.

Piston rings on servo motors are going to last much longer if they are taken care of. If you have more questions about using and maintaining them, reach out to companies that sell servo motor piston rings.