Buying Your First Hand Trucks? How To Choose

Hand trucks are a valuable resource for loading docks, retail stocking, and a variety of other industries. If your business could benefit from the investment in a few hand trucks, you may be looking at the options and trying to figure out which ones would be the right choice. There are several varieties on the market, so it can be difficult to determine which ones are the best solution. Here's a look at a few things that you can consider to help you make that choice.

Choosing Your Tires

When you're thinking about hand truck options, you're probably not thinking about the tires. Unfortunately, that oversight can cost you in handling and maneuverability. You should give careful thought to the type of tires you need on your hand trucks so that you can narrow down the models accordingly. 

Pneumatic tires are great if you're dealing with gravel or similar surfaces because they can absorb the shock of the rough terrain, minimizing how much of that shock is transferred to your boxes. However, they will need ongoing maintenance to keep the air levels proper. 

If you aren't as worried about the terrain but don't want to have to worry about air pressure in the tires, consider microcellular tires instead. They're great for challenging terrain and maneuverability, too. If your budget is limited, you should consider molded rubber tires or something similar. They are lighter in weight and cost less than the alternatives.

Considering Your Handles

You'll notice that hand trucks come with a few different handle options depending on the type of control that you want. Looped handles are great if you want the versatility to grab the handles where it's convenient. With looped handles, you can hold onto the top, curves, or sides of the handles depending on what works best for you. 

However, if you need greater control of the hand truck, you might want to consider either a single-grip or double-grip handle instead. Fixed with one or two handles for focused strength, control, and balance, these are often popular if you'll be moving heavy or awkward loads.

Evaluating Your Platforms

The platform of the hand truck, also referred to as the nose, is a critical element. If the platform can't adequately support the loads you're moving, the hand truck is not going to last. You can choose from die-cast or extruded metal platforms for this function. 

Extruded metal platforms are solid, while die-cast options usually have a few holes in them. If you need something that's lightweight and easy to move, die-cast is a better solution. However, when you're dealing with heavy or valuable loads or loads that you need to be able to slide underneath, extruded platforms are a better option.

These are a few key features to assess when you're buying hand trucks. Check with a supplier near you today for more options.

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